Reflection on the Election

When it comes to this years election, it was weird to say the least as i wasn’t interested that much considering we have two idiots in Trump and Clinton running for the position as president and since i didn’t want either of them i did not even bother to vote now i know what your thinking… “if you don’t vote your voice won’t be heard” but i don’t believe that one bit considering that if NO ONE would vote for the candidates a louder message would be sent saying we do not want either candidate as they are not my or OUR ideal choice for presidency.   they did not interest me to why i should vote for them and there ideas for presidency is just too ludicrous to even state so why bother?

then, the day was finally here as people went to the voting booth i stayed and watched the results at home staying up till 2:30 AM and see that trump actually pulled it off which to me is a real shocker and was impossible to begin with as i thought “a businessman becoming president” was absurd then… this happens which gets me now believing anyone can become the president in fact I’m insane to even say…


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